Nicolas Mezher (born on July 2, 1992) is a Lebanese actor who managed to gain a rapid success and an instant growing fan base at a very short time.
Despite his young age, Nicolas packs a great talent combined with knowledge and a strong passion for acting that was instilled in him since childhood. Growing up among a close & supportive family, in the beautiful city of Jezzine, his youth dream of becoming a famous actor was always encouraged and he went on to pursue his education.
Few works, few years yet a big ambition and a bigger promising career have put this exceptional talent at the forefront of his generation and behind the lenses of some of the best Lebanese and Arab producers.
With a highly-appraised performance by both critics and fans for his breakthrough role in Ittiham, Nicolas has not only booked himself a seat among the stars but has also swept away a Murex D’Or and has taken a special place in his audience’s heart & memory.
Known for his modesty, charm & amazing talent, Nicolas is a rising star at the early beginning of his acting career and still more surprising roles are awaiting…so stay tuned!


MUBS university outdoor event gave the actor Nicolas Mezher an award for his roles as a promising actor 2014
Nicolas Mezher won the Murex D’Or in 2012 as Best Lebanese Promising Actor for his role in “Lawla el hobb”.
Honoring at LIU- Tyr Campus for his performances
Rising Star Award, voted by audience on Radio Delta


“Helo el gharam”, Role: Dory, MTV
“Anyab wa Chouaraa”
“Wled Al Balad”, Role: Mehdi, LBC
“Darb Al yasamin”, LBC
“Abriyaa walaken”, MTV
“Ahmad W Christina”, New TV
“Abnaa wa katala”, MTV
“Ittiham”, LBC
“The Team”, Role: Christopher, LBC
“Lawla AL Hob”, Role: Jad, LBC
“Mourahikoun”, Role: Fares, Future TV


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Nicolas Mezher in B Beirut
Tuesday 14 Jan 2014
Nicolas Mezher In Baynetna
Sunday 24 Aug 2014
Baynetna – Nicolas Mezher
Sunday 14 Jul 2013

Currently, there are no tv series.

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